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Captioning & CART: Live & Remote, with 24-Hour Emailing of Verbatim Notes

To exceed the Highest Standard for our Clients by providing Communication Access and Striving for 100% Translation Accuracy of Verbatim, Realtime Speech- to-

Text Translation Utilizing State-of-the-Art Technology of Stenographic means, Education and Certification.

Who We Are

Q&A Reporting is a woman-owned company that has been incorporated for nearly 19 years and will continue to be here for many more. We are physically located in Hastings, Michigan, providing CART and Captioning services on and off site using a variety of programs at no extra cost. One call and we can set up your CART assignment, interpreter, videographer and conference rooms when and wherever you are.

What We Do

Our services are meant to increase the effectiveness of communication access for those with hearing loss. Our professional & certified stenographic reporters are eager to take on the most complex assignments, using the latest state-of-the-art technology. CART, Captioning, Realtime Wireless Services, Deposition Services, Videography and Videoconferencing Service, Captioning, Arbitrations, Mediations, Hearings, Mock & Court Trials. All that we do is important, and we love what we do.


Broadcast Services

We offer Closed Captioning for any TV programming via modem, internet, and iCAP. In addition, we offer output to multiple connections at the same time.



Communication Access Realtime Technology, Educational and professional, live and remote, with 24-hour emailing of verbatim notes.


Deposition Services

Q&A can provide our clients Daily/Expedited delivery, e-transcrpits, PDF's ASCII, Word, CD's DVD's, RealLegal Publisher...


Added Services

We offer Post-Production, Projection and videography services as a valuable resource in meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our clients.