Annette Blough

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Annette's Story:

Owner Annette Blough graduated Summa Cum Laude with a business/court reporting major and received the outstanding achievement and contribution award from professors. Now Annette possess over 25 years of legal experience, 20 years of which has been State and Nationally Certified as an RPR and CSR stenographic reporter and now holds the CRC and CRR designations. She is on the Board of Directors for MAPCR and has professional membership in NCRA/ MARC.

Annette started off freelance, her first day of which was motion day in circuit court, working in circuit, district, and probate courts and following her clients' pursuits of litigation depositions in and out of state. Her dedication to her clients has even taken her to conducting depositions sitting on a stump in the yard of a burned down house, in a McDonald's parking lot, and pulling off the side of the highway.

Annette started pursuing RealTime back in 1994 and has spent years perfecting her dictionary and through her committed and dedicated work has progressed to captioning on and off-line and doing CART, Communication Access Realtime Translation, for courts; students in classroom settings at Cooley Law School; Ferris University; Kendall College of Art & Design; Grand Rapids Community College; Western Michigan University; and the Federal Center in Battle Creek helping with training and meetings.

In Annette's spare time she mentors two court reporting students, conducting speed timings to send to the student's professor, and oversight for their schooling.



testmonilsAs a third-year law student, I have had the experience of working with several CART reporters and Annette Blough is by far the best CART reporter I have had to date. Not only is she professional, but her realtime captioning is extremely accurate. She also happens to be the quickest in transcribing from realtime to captioning for my law school classes. n addition, she has the most up-to-date equipment I've seen amongst the CART reporters I've worked with. Her equipment is wireless; thus, allowing me to see the realtime captioning on my laptop as opposed to watching her laptop screen. Not only does this ease the discomfort on the neck from straining, but it allows you to adjust the screen resolution to your preference and scroll back up to review text you missed and to read the captioning at your own pace. I highly recommend Ms. Annette Blough if you're looking for someone who is professional, quick and nearly 100% accurate.