Lorea Spicer

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Lorea's Story:

My name is Lorea Spicer. Every since I was a child my passion was drawing houses and I dreamed of becoming an architect. I eventually attended college pursuing my degree in Architecture/Interior Design. After two years of college one afternoon while at lunch, I overhead some IBM executives saying they were in need of a scribe for an important meeting. I immediately started asking around different people what a scribe was. Once I found out that a scribe was also a stenographer, court reporter and found out what the duties were I knew it was the career for me. I switched my career goals and attended Lansing Community College. In 2000 I graduated from Lansing Community College with a degree in Court Reporting. I never looked back and love what I do.

For the first several years of my career I worked as a court reporter providing services for the State of Michigan, consisting mainly of administrative hearings ranging from worker compensation, retirement disability, liquor control and Michigan Public Service Commission hearings. I then switched to providing CART services in the classroom setting, from elementary schools to universities. I have been providing CART services for over 5 years. I have one son, who is autistic. Having an autistic child enables me to relate well with hearing impaired individuals. Nothing makes me happier than the face of a student when they are laughing along with their classmates because of the services I provide.

I reside in Grand Rapids Michigan with my loving fiancée and son. I’m currently providing CART services in the classroom setting. My overall goal is to provide remote broadcast captioning, and captioning services at all levels.




I am a graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design (BFA 2009). Since birth I have had severe-to-profound hearing loss, and I was raised orally. For years I managed to get along in the classroom with the use of hearing aids and lip-reading, but after struggling to keep up in an information intensive seminar class in college, I decided to research the services available to me as a student. With the help of the Student Disability office at Kendall I finally received CART. I was very happy to have Annette as a CART reporter for two classes. She always transcribed everything verbatim, even while dealing with some very fast paced professors. For the first time, I could focus my energies on learning what the teacher was saying. Annette was always on time, cheerful, and accommodating of my needs. Without fail, she sent me the edited transcript of the class discussion the next day, so I could review it while studying. It was a pleasure to have known Annette, and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.