Our Mission

To exceed the highest standards for our clients by providing communication access and striving for 100% translation accuracy of verbatim, realtime speech to text translation utilizing state-of-the-art technology of stenographic means, education and certification.

Our People

As technology changes the face of the court reporting industry, it still all comes back to the people, and our people are unsurpassed in their training and professionalism. We pride ourselves in being the first to adopt the newest technologies to make us even more responsive to your needs … but everything always starts with the provider.

Meet the Local Q&A Team - Certified Realtime Captioners

team member01
Annette Blough
President, CRC, CRR, CSR, RPR
team member02
Jodie Eckard
team member02
Jessica Neiderheide
CART Captioner, RPR, CRC
team member03
Angela Young
CART Captioner



team member01
Rhonda Taylor
CART Captioner, CRR, CSR, RPR, CRI
team member02
Lorea Spicer
CART Provider
team member02
Teri Heacock

CART Captioner, CRR, CSR, RPR, 1/2CMR





We exceed clients' expectations with our exceptional, second-to-none capabilities in verbatim stenographic and technology abilities, knowledge, timeliness, accuracy, quality of services, education, professional ethics, and competetive rates.

We have assembled a team of fast, accurate, experienced providers you can rely on. You will receive quality, verbatim speech-to-text services delivered in a timely fashion in the form you choose. We are fast, we are professional, and we care deeply about the work that we do.


From Start to finish, our clients come first, and if that means burning the midnight oil, that's exactly what we will do. We have been in business nearly 20 years and will continue to be here for many more, embracing new technology, and putting it to work for you to provide accurate and expected service

Q&A Reporting inc. is bonded and possesses $2million of insurance per aggergate and occurance covered and eligible to work in university and professional settings



Our Agency has utilized Annette to provide CART Captioning services for the past three years and have been delighted with the services provided to our meetings. For every event, Annette has been prompt, prepared and professional. Her speed and accuracy in transcription has allowed for increased participation for individuals with disabilities and is essential to the success of our meetings. In addition, Annette has displayed an extremely short turn-around time on her written transcript which in turn has increased the productivity of our office. In addition to all this, Annette is also well educated and utilizes the latest remote access programs and methods which have allowed our Council to remotely connect those who were unable to join due to physical disabilities.

We recommend Annette to any group, court or agency. Our office will not consider anyone else and have proudly suggested to others to utilize Annette’s services.

Rodney Craig, Deputy Director

Michigan Statewide Independent Living Council