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As technology changes the face of the captioning and court reporting industry, it still all comes back to the people, and our team is unsurpassed. We pride ourselves in being the first to adopt the newest technologies to make us even more responsive to your needs.

Our Q&A Reporting, Inc. team exceeds our clients' expectations with our exceptional, second-to-none capabilities in verbatim stenographic and technology abilities, knowledge, timeliness, accuracy, quality of services, education, professional ethics, and competitive rates.

We have assembled a national team of more than 60 fast, accurate, experienced providers you can rely on. You will receive quality, verbatim speech-to-text services delivered in a timely fashion in the form you choose. We are fast (300+ words per minute fast!), we are professional, and we care deeply about the work that we do!

Annette Blough

Annette Blough, President, RPR, CRR, CRC, CSR-5191

As a Summa Cum Laude graduate with outstanding achievement awards, Annette possesses over 30 years of legal experience, 28 years of which has been State and Nationally Certified as an RPR and CSR stenographic reporter and now holds the CRC and CRR designations. She sat on the Board of Directors for 3 years with MAPCR and has professional memberships in NCRA and the Grand Haven Chamber of Commerce. As the founder and owner of Q&A Reporting, Inc. Annette holds a dedication none other to her clients — so much so that she has conducted depositions sitting on a stump in the yard of a burned down house to a McDonald's parking lot. Annette is more than a Certified CART provider and Certified Broadcast Captioner, Annette is an experienced professional who can deliver the best captioning services for your next event, class, workshop or meeting.

Client Testimonial

"Our team was VERY happy and impressed with your work on our event Tuesday. We were quite in awe of your speed and accuracy during the event, and wanted to make sure you knew how well you did. Thank you very much for your excellent work on our program!"


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Our Mission

Q&A Reporting, Inc. is a woman-owned corporation with a mission to exceed the highest standards for our clients by providing communication access and striving for 100% translation accuracy of verbatim, real-time speech to text translation utilizing state-of-the-art technology of stenographic means, education and certification.

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Customizable Services

• On-Site and Remote CART & Real-time Captioning
• Large Audience Captioning
• Live Webinar Captioning
• Videography and Video Conferencing
• Deposition Services
• So Much More!