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At Q&A Reporting, Inc. we are a full-service captioning and reporting company that exceeds our clients' expectations with our exceptional, second-to-none capabilities in captioning and reporting services.

Our team of more than 60 veteran experts are not only fast (300+ words a minute fast!) — we also care deeply about the work we do! What does that mean for you? That means you get a Q&A professional that will assist with all of your customer services needs. Last-minute changes to your real-time schedule? No problem. Need a unique file type you've never heard of? No problem. At Q&A Reporting, Inc. we've got you covered from start to finish!

Full Suite of CART Captioning Services

Q&A CART Closed Captioning

Remote and On-site Conference Captioning

We offer full live and remote captioning, subtitling, and reporting services for corporate meetings, conferences, trainings, tech workshops and more. Our captioners will listen and create captions live, transmitting them to video or direct to screen. For web meetings, captioning can be sent to various web platforms including Adobe, Webex™, GoToMeeting™, Streamtext, and OneCapApp, etc.

Closed Captioning for Sporting Events

Concerts, Graduations, and Sporting Events

We offer full captioning services to sporting events, concerts, theater productions, and university commencement ceremonies. For large scale events, it's imperative to offer accessibility to all attendees. Even better? We can stream captions to a specific URL, this will allow your fans, students and others the ability to access the captions on their mobile devices.

Hearing Loss Captioning

Remote and On-site Government Captioning

We offer full live and remote captioning, subtitling, and reporting services for municipalities, city council, school board meetings, press briefings, government sessions and more! In addition, we offer offline captioning and subtitling for prerecorded training and informational videos; both for public and employee distribution.

Internet Captioning

Internet and Web Captioning

Are you streaming video live to the internet? Or have a previously recorded broadcast that you want to post to your website? We offer transcription, real-time and offline captioning for Web/IP, Facebook Live, YouTube, and dialup. At Q&A Reporting, Inc. we are experts in style effects to include timing, line breaks, and sound effects!

Client Testimonial

"Thank you Annette [and the Q&A Team]! I want to acknowledge your transcription services which are second to none. The stories we heard today remind us why we do the work we do. Now we have the capacity to archive them for future reference. We are very appreciative  of your assistance today to help make this event the gem that it is for MRS, customers, business partners, and our community partners."

State of Michigan MRS

State of Michigan

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Our Mission

Q&A Reporting, Inc. is a woman-owned corporation with a mission to exceed the highest standards for our clients by providing communication access and striving for 100% translation accuracy of verbatim, real-time speech to text translation utilizing state-of-the-art technology of stenographic means, education and certification.

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Customizable Services

• On-Site and Remote CART & Real-time Captioning
• Large Audience Captioning
• Live Webinar Captioning
• Videography and Video Conferencing
• Deposition Services
• So Much More!