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Q&A Reporting, Inc.
18088 Wildwood Court 
Spring Lake, Michigan 49456

Phone: 800-408-0070
Text: 616-881-3594

Skype: annette.blough
Facebook: @CARTCaptioningLive
Twitter: Realtime Annette
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Our Mission

Q&A Reporting, Inc. is a woman-owned corporation with a mission to exceed the highest standards for our clients by providing communication access and striving for 100% translation accuracy of verbatim, real-time speech to text translation utilizing state-of-the-art technology of stenographic means, education and certification.

Contact Information

18088 Wildwood Court
Spring Lake Michigan 49456


Text: 616-881-3594
Toll-Free: 800-408-0070

Customizable Services

• On-Site and Remote CART & Real-time Captioning
• Large Audience Captioning
• Live Webinar Captioning
• Videography and Video Conferencing
• Deposition Services
• So Much More!