Basic Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Individuals and Small Businesses

Published by Annette Blough on

I Captioned a Cybersecurity seminar a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share some key points.

Don’t click on unfamiliar email attachments.

Next generation products can be purchased that can block harmful emails.

Don’t reuse passwords.

Use a password manager, then you only have to remember one password instead of hundreds and gets less hacked.

Use multifactor authentication when available.

Use 16-digit passwords.

Don’t connect to random WIFI.

Bringing your own device to work is not a great idea for businesses as people don’t secure their own devices very well.

Have a separate WIFI sign on for guests instead of using the corporate WIFI.

Don’t ignore warnings on your browsers – they are telling you something is wrong.

Don’t use a mouse with a dongle as they can be taken over by somebody easily.  Instead use a wired mouse and/or Bluetooth.

Set up a free service called signal to send secure and encrypted text.

Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach at

Dr. Demott:  “So in summary layers of defense start with the basics, start with being fully patched, training your staff, doing testing against your network, monitoring, making sure you have an incident response plan and they are things you start with and from there know something will fall through the cracks at some point so you have plans and layers of defenses to deal with those as that happens.”