“Hear” We Go! Get Ready To DIY Your Audio Stream!

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With remote CART, the provider is in one location and the consumer is in another. The CART captioner is listening to voices via the phone or over the Internet, translating the speech to text in real time, and transmitting the text to a designated URL, Web page, Internet site, or other location or device.

This is particularly helpful in areas where there is a lack of CART captioners or more efficient or convenient for both client and captioner.

The next question is how-to set this up as the captioner. Equipment choices aside, here are some basics for your set up:

  1. The first ROLLS is a stand-alone unit. It plugs into your computer via audio jack and headphones go in the front.
  2. The other two pictures of setup are for telephone audio. Phone line plugs in the front of the online patch on the right then phone plugs into the left side front.
  3. The speakers hook up in the back of the unit under mixed mono L+R and you plug headphones into the speaker and can adjust the levels on the speaker as well.

I’ve received requests from CART Captioners on how to set this up. The small ROLLS unit is nice because it can fit nicely in your equipment bag and the settings can be changed quickly without having to go to your computer audio to increase or decrease the volume.

I thought it would be nice to share pictures so captioners can make their purchase confidently and see the actual set up.

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